Christian Kane “Let Me Go”

Christian Kane, who is gracing the cover of the new “CowGirl” magazine and who’s new single “Let me Go” is one of my favorite songs; has inspired many of the songs from my new album “Greatest and Otherwise”.  

New Music-Awesome Sale!  Epic new album is on sale for $7.99 featuring Jason Southard and Ryan Baker from The Christian Kane Band and inspired by the new David Geftakys.  Download your Freedom today!

Christian Kane

Christian Kane from the hit television show “Leverage” has inspired many of the songs from my album “Music Meets Emotion”.

Kings of Leon with a hint of Lady Ga Ga

Rock-Blues-Dirty Mama

Led Zeppelin meets Jimi Hendrix, Blues Love Undiscovered performing Dirty Mama  live, featuring Layden Robinson, Marcus Weeden, and Jason Southard and Ryan Baker from Christian Kane’s live band.  Enjoy!

Awesome ITunes

Awesome new ITunes!


Video for “Almost Forever” from Music Meets Emotion

Here is the first single from my album Music Meets Emotion, “Almost Forever”  featuring Jason Southard and Ryan Baker from The Christian Kane Band. 

My Mantra made into Music

Please support Independent Music and better living!

Good Evening to all!

Just got done playing a little over 2 hrs of tennis and now eating a four meat pizza pie, drinking some 2008 Los Vascos Chilian Cabernet, and riding the wave.  🙂     If you please, check out my new album featuring 1999 National Jimi Hendrix contest award winner and guitarist from The Christian Kane band, Jason Southard. Much love and appreciation, Layden.

Kings of Leon and Liberace. Kings of Leon meets Ray LaMontagne with a hint of Liberace. Download your FREEDOM today!

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