Greatest and Otherwise

Here is the info from my fourth album “Greatest and Otherwise” released in 2011,  featuring Ryan Baker from the Christian Kane band, Chris Forenz from the Pink Floyd tribute band ” Great Gig in the Sky”,  and 1999 National Jimi Hendrix contest award winner and guitarist from the Christian Kane band Jason Southard.

1.  Wielding Da Pep  ( Moon Jelly- featuring Jason Southard)

2.  Destiny

3.  Fade

4.  Cage

5.  Starlyn (demo)

6.  Wishing on a Rainbow (Live from the Catskills)

7.  Strength and Love (demo)

8.  Ballad of Trapezoid man (Moon Jelly- featuring Jason Southard)

9.  Someday (2010)

10.  Oligarcy (Moon Jelly- featuring Jason Southard)

11.  Become Free

” Greatest and Otherwise” is available at ITunes, Amazon Music, Napster and

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