Happy Hump Day and Help Support the Arts!

Happy Hump Day to all and wanted to let everyone know that I am going to try to continue with my new video blog, “Costa Rica Chronicles” even though Google wrongfully shut down my account. I am asking everyone that enjoys what I do to please donate what you can through Paypal to robinsonderek@hotmail.com and also receive my new books, “Breathe” and “Found Ground” as a token of my appreciation.  Much Love, Layden.

Mr. Munchy Munchers

May I Introduce to you Costa Rica’s finest rabies infested Squirrel, Mr. Munchy Munchers.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDxw3lNcsU8

New YouTube Channel

Hello from Escazu, Costa Rica and please check out, comment on and subscribe to my new video blog, “Costa Rica Chronicles” filled with comedy, music and random scenes of positive madness.   Cheers, Layden.   http://www.youtube.com/user/LaydenRobinson/featured


BI Wine Selection

    Hello from Escazu, Costa Rica about 20 minutes up in the mountains outside of San Jose and wanted to tell you about a wonderful, quaint wine shop called “BI Wine Selection”  I came across yesterday.

     With a nice selection of wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy and France I felt right at home, greeted by the friendly smiling staff of Nurys, Daliya and Jairo who immediately offered me assistance, asking if I would like to try some wines;  NOW YOU’RE TALKIN!  🙂

      The first of the two wines I tasted was a 2007 Limited Novas Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon- Carmenere Blend made from Organic grapes and was one of the best Chilean wines I have ever had.  With a contemplative, concentrated nose of sweet perfume, faint green pepper and orange zest, this medium bodied wine on the palate offers a rich spectrum of dark fruit, balanced fresh soil with balanced acidity.  🙂 


          With a wonderful start, I was treated by Nurys, Daliya and Jairo to another scrumptious wine, a 2007 Agriverde Riseis Montepulciano D ‘ Abruzzo.  Old World and Rich, this Italian red offers a bouquet of leather and rustic earth while lending a pleasant tartness, flavors of cranberry, baked cherry pie and toasted vanilla on the palate.  A little heavy on the tannin, but with age and paired with a hearty Italian meal, this wine will be perfect! 

       After being treated like a dear friend even though I was stranger, I thanked my gracious hosts and went about my way off into the soothing sunshine smiling both on the inside and out, realizing I had stumbled across a perfect moment in time and a fabulous wine shop.   Please visit BI Wine Selection at http://biwineselection.com/.  

Costa Rica Chronicles

Here is my new video blog.  Hope everyone enjoys and takes the crazy ride.  Just click on the links below the wonderful picture and enjoy!

Costa Rica Chronicles- Intro

Costa Rica Chronicles- Uno

Costa Rica Chronicles- Dos

Costa Rica Chronicles- Tres- Random Thoughts

Costa Rica Chronicles- Cuatro- The Pad and “T” Squared

Costa Rica Chronicles-Cinco- San Jose and Hotel Del Rey

Costa Rica Chronicles-Seis- A Candid Moment with Layden Robinson

Costa Rica Chronicles-Siete- First Rain

Costa Rica Chronicles-Ocho- A View of the Patio

Costa Rica Chronicles-Nueve- Wine Tasting

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