HeadCapes to the Max

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Super Bowl XLVI Fixed?

Dead lay, melodramatic with a nauseatingly, convienent finish. It is safe to to say the most riveting and intriguing part of Superbowl 46 was watching Madonna trying to execute and sell her 53 year’s young lethargic dance moves in her $3,000, snuggy snug leather boots.  Giddy up and please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

Cesar Romero, Cesar Millan and Layden Robinson




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Lady Ga Ga Incident

Curious to know why Aussie fans were wielding eggs and did they have some inside information tipping them off that Lady Ga Ga had stole a wheelchair and was going to make her way onstage midway through the show piloting one?    Cheers and please pick up my  album “Greatest and Otherwise”  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/greatest-and-otherwise/id416176197

Midnight in Paris

Just saw the new Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris” and even though i am not an Owen Wilson fan, this movie was refreshing, witty and made me forget about my troubles for a while.   A Wonderful film with Classic witty dialoge, captivating scenery and countless intriguing characters to boot, i recommend this movie to all!   🙂 

Danica Patrick is a Hot Lesbian

Danica Patrick is so ultra hot and downloaded my new album!   :)         bit.ly/hk8WLh

Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is so ultra hot and supposedly downloaded my new album and you should too!   🙂    bit.ly/hk8WLh

George Michael and Sexy Sax Man

Rumor has it that George Michael will be teaming up with Sexy Sax Man to do a North American tour and there will be lots of tight latex, Albino escapee twins from a Arkansas Carnival, Life sized Voodoo dolls dressed in the latest hot fashions, the sexiest of the sexy Tranny background singers, sinister Liberace impersonators, and a fuck load of “Careless Whisper”.    🙂    http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/greatest-and-otherwise/id416176197


The Duomo

Went to the top of this massive structure back in the Summer of 2006 after a fine glass of  Brunello di Montalcino and contemplated Life and the moment with my dear friend and Attorney, James ” Mick” Ingram.  In the distance, you can see The Swiss Alps.

Afterwards, we hit the Legendary Campari bar.  🙂

Fashion and Beauty

This girl is so beautiful!   I give your Romania’s finest- Miss Catalina Toma.  🙂


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