Ebook “Breathe”

“Breathe” – 12 tales of Horror, Suspense and Surrealism that will permanently slant the mind.  Here is a complimentary piece of madness and click on the beautiful pic below to procure more.  18+


Identity can be lost when you travel too hastily down the pathways of life and don’t look both ways. (What I walked into was quite the gruesome murder scene.) The victim wore green, and both her and tasteless canvas paintings were sticky, plastered with uninhibited fluid. I feel shame again and again.

“What have we become?”

“And am I the only one that notices?”

[I am a detective and nothing is sacred.]

“And what about all the times when you think you see the end and then the end becomes the beginning again?”

My objective is to decipher what the definitive factors are in each case, confront both rhyme and reason, and solve the puzzle. I have for years been piecing together all sorts of equations and body parts, all the time trying to maintain purity deep inside. (DEEP WITHIN.) But what about right now within the moment, you ask?

Theory One: Woman in green was shooting Gleam Dream with a bunch of faceless souls who knew what the fuck they were doing. Starting to express, leaving all memories behind, they dress the woman in question in an emerald green prom dress, making love to her lightly, firmly, then rough. “God, what is happening?” JUST RUN AWAY.

Theory Two: A taxicab ride in the middle of the night leads to a window, which leads to the other side, which leads to a pussy that presses against a lonesome, frowning face that finds politics inexcusable. The two lovers stop and go, in the process, drinking copious amounts of absinthe and Evian. SNAP: The snapping of sanity on a lonesome bay where no one ever comes back.

The madness I stand within smells like moxie, crude and rustic. “Am I alone, or is there STILL SOMEONE WITH ME?” I always command to have the crime scene cleared of everyone when I arrive, to have my space, become one with the distortion and filter out the voice that will reveal answers. “Think logically.” What could be more difficult?

I have been trying for years to figure out which way is left and which way is ______. Someone down the hall had told me that they had heard classical music accompanied by, as they described it, “A steady chirping that had a flat line consistency” coming from the crime scene just minutes before living blood-curdling screams transpired. Making my way to the victim’s CD player, I open its multi-changer tray to investigate its contents. Inside were Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew,” Stevie Wonder’s “Innervisions,” Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy,” Tool’s “Lateralus,” but no classical music was to be found. [WHO DARES GIVE THE DETECTIVE FALSE INFORMATION!]   Click on the sexy pic to receive more.


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