About Layden Robinson

Layden Robinson is a performer of Alternative, Blue Eyed Soul Music influenced by some of the Modern and Past greats such as Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Prince, Kings Of Leon, The Black Crowes and TOOL.

Here are some of Layden’s accomplishments:

2000:  Fronted project “Levee”, created by 1999  National Jimi Hendrix guitar contest winner and guitar player for The Christian Kane Band champion Jason Southard.

2001: Release of first solo album “Adversity“, playing various shows all throughout the Southwest.

2002: Release of second solo album, “Verse” and  featured on the program “Good Morning Arizona”  on New Year’s morning and also played to thousands at Phoenix Coyotes game.

2003 to 2009:  Composed of over 40 songs, went on hiatus to Europe and learned a new instrument, the Bass. Recorded and fronted the Rock Blues band of the year “Blues Love Undiscovered” featuring Jason Southard, Ryan Baker and Marcus Weeden.

2010:  Long awaited third solo album “Music Meets Emotion” released, featuring Jason Southard and Ryan Baker from The Christian Kane Band. Now available at  ITunes, Amazon Music, Napster and Cdbaby

2011: Release of “Greatest and Otherwise” and first Ebook “Found Ground”

2012: Release of Short Story Collection, “Breathe” and created short lived video blog series, “Costa Rica Chronicles”.

2013: Release of highly anticipated Third Ebook, “Stroll of Reality”  and vaulted Piano Ballad “Before you Leave” .

2014: Re release of Ebook, “Found Ground” ,new Music EP, “Within” and release of epic new story, “Chameleon“.

2015: Release of my New England life story, “The Boston Ranter” , Poetry and Song Lyric collection, “Lyrics and Such” and highly experimental short story collection, “Random Man”

Random Man

Published on April 25, 2011 at 11:14 pm  Comments (34)  

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  1. Hey you,
    So I managed to finally get a chance to check out your blog! Nice stuff!
    We met at the Poker table in Ameristar! I have some writing that you might like. Or that may make you laugh! http://www.bynimisharattan.wordpress.com. You know your wines. If you are ever in Europe give me a shout!

    • So awesome NIm and i am following your blog back! Hope you have a wonderful B day and let me know if you are going to be down at Ameristar again before you leave. 🙂

  2. Promise to read… send some of your fav entries to me and that will help out!

    • Cheers and check out excerpts from my new Ebook “Found Ground” and the Wine Reviews! 🙂

  3. Greetings from Butterbean’s Vineyards……..:)

    • Cheers! What are your wines about? Layden.

  4. You forgot about co-writing many memorable songs with Doug Blaheta. That is your biggest accomlishment, sir.

  5. Hi Layden,
    You mentioned @Lemelsonwinery on Twitter regarding new reviews, but I cannot seem to find any about Lemelson Vineyards on your blog. I’m sure that it’s user error, so could you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you so much,
    Lemelson Vineyards

    • Hello Natalie. I was actually inquiring how i would like to review your wines being how i have heard such good things about them on Twitter. Woould love to connect. Cheers, Layden

  6. You’ve got enormous accomplishments, just fantastic. I’d love to hear your music – maybe you could do a video of you playing? Led Zepellin was great, and I’ve always liked Joe Cocker. Cheers, you big talent! 🙂

  7. I love your music so much. I want to read some of your material. I just have not had a chance to yet. As I am becoming very familiar with your cd, and loving every note of it! 🙂 Your voice is amazing. It stays in my head and in my heart, Layden. I want to shout from rooftops about your music! Much thanks. Much Love!

    • Thank you so much for all of your optimism and loving words, Loriann. It people like you that make the difference and make me believe and truly enjoy what I do! Cheers, Layden.

  8. Good morning Layden,

    I’m new to the Locati Cellars crew and I saw you posted reviews on the 28th of Nov. I cant find them….. but I would love to see them =)


    Trista Flores
    Sales & Marketing
    Locati Cellars

    • Thanks for the comment, Trista. I don’t believe I have reviewed your wines yet, but would love to procure some samples to help spread the good word about your wines! Cheers, Layden.

  9. Layden,

    Sounds great! Where can I send some samples?


    • Just send an email with my info to your Gmail. Cheers, Layden.

  10. creative byline you got there… “A RANDOM MAN CONSTRUCTING A CREATIVE PLAN”..
    one of the best i have seen so far..

  11. Hey my friend, ROCK ON! from WROM Radio in Detroit. Your the best Layden

    • AHHHH! Cheers to and Grace Jones- Modern Day Goddess. 🙂

  12. I dont know who put up comments about Grrrinders Poker site…but must say… I AGREE 100%..IT IS A VIRTUAL FUCKING JOKE!!! The owner is a drunk and a con artist it appears who ripped off a bunch of players from the site who won seats to the WSOP. It is the piramyd…(sic) scheme at its finest….be very careful there ..it IS A RIP!!! ‘ IHATEJACKS’

  13. Hi, I finally checked out your wine. Nice love it… I wish I was a drinker lol. But your doing a good job keep up the good work. Wish you the best.

  14. Hey Layden,
    I finally got a chance to come on here and check out your blog. You just ooze talent from everywhere.
    I absolutely love love love your music. 🎸Disarray is one of my many favorites. Too many to list on here.
    Your Ebooks 📚are incredible. I just love your writing style. Also thanks I managed to check out a few of those other authors that I hafnium heard of, such great reads.
    Now, I’ve been sitting and reading your wine 🍷reviews!! They are incredible. I will be making a list for future tastings.🍷
    You really are a Layden of all trades!!! 😜

    Take Care, much L❤ve and respect for you !!

  15. Hi there, just popping by to say hello, and to let you know that we have a new site – http://www.dagdapublishing.co.uk – Our old site (dagdapublishing.com) will no longer be active, but is still online.

    If you want to receive future updates and poetry by new writers from us, please head to the new site. You can follow us by email or by clicking “Follow this blog” (You can do so by just liking a post in our blog (which is where the poetry is residing now), which then gives you the option to follow). We look forward to seeing you over there, and thank you for your support over the last year and a half. Here’s to the next chapter 🙂

    – Dagda Publishing

  16. Thank you, Layden, for following my blog http://familyanswersfast.wordpress.com/ and I look forward to following yours. Cheers!

  17. […] Author on WordPress […]

  18. Hello,

    I looked at your book and I really liked its blurb very much. It seems that yours is a very high quality book. If you are interested in promoting your book in order to get more reviews and sales, please email me at pluxedo AT gmail.com for samples and screenshots of my past work.

    • Sounds cool. You are not asking me for money, correct?

  19. Smashing! Found you here too! More ways to promote and say hi. ~Janet from @PnJbookreviews on Twitter! Hope to see and hear more from you!

  20. How’s the creative plan from randomness going?

  21. Hey Layden, hope you’re ok and Matilda is ok. Notice you’ve disappeared from twitter. Iseult

    • Good morning. Well, not a good start for me. On the sidelines at the moment, but things should be resolved soon. 🙂

      • Ok, let me know if there’s anything I can do. I hope things improve. 😊💚

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