Free Man in Paris

Great live rendition of  Joni Mitchell’s ” A Free Man in Paris”  from 1979 with Jaco Pastorius on bass and Pat Metheny on lead guitar.  Great vibe, great sound and joyous energy

Michael Grimm and Layden Robinson

Congrats to Michael Grimm on his new self titled release and if you love Blue eyed Soul, please pick up ” Music Meets Emotion”. 

Dear Fans

Here is a still shot from my Music video “Almost Forever” from the album Music Meets Emotion.  

“This is my favorite screencap from Layden Robinson’s video Almost Forever.”    Sue from Argentina.
Once again cheers to all of my International fans in The UK, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Sri Lanka- Komodo Country

My Mantra made into Music

Please support Independent Music and better living!

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