#Karen & #Karens; but not necessarily “Karens”

Every #Karen must be prosecuted and punished; not women with the name Karen; Karen #Karens. Unless the “Karen” happens to be born and given the Christian name, Karen. Then she shall be prosecuted and punished as well. #Share #Beware

David Blaine Magic, or Otherwise?

This seems staged, but is some #DavidBlaine kind of shit. I hit a royal flush in video poker, drawing the Ace of diamonds. Outside, I see this on the ground while walking the dogs. Thoughts? Devil’s music, or #Divine intervention?

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Duran Duran, “Invisible”

Alot of people pinned “Duran Duran” as a BS #pop band and nothing else. Great songwriting, musicianship and character that have all withstood the test of time, where most bands perish = #DuranDuran

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James Joyce Does LSD

“Joycian, mind-bending surrealistic stew for the adventurous reader.”

Read more now: https://amzn.to/2UjBidW

#WritingCommunity #HorrorCommunity #iartg #bookboost #ian1

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Coffee Time!

@LaydenRobinson is Parenting, Caring, Creating, Social Mediaing, Helping, Sassy Dancing.

Please support by buying a #coffee for Layden here & now:

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Newborn Daughter

Hello from San Diego and please welcome our newborn daughter Matilda Nova Robinson into the world. Unfortunately, she has had some trying times and been in the ICU for the past five days with some labored breathing and brain bleed . She also received a second spinal tap today to rule out meningitis. Please help. Every donation, big or small, means the world during these trying times.  https://paypal.me/pools/c/85eaJk7seI

Matilda smiling

Halloween Horror Stories

Happy Halloween from San Diego and please download my new horror story collection, “The Havoc Tree”. Just click on the pic.

Havoc Tree


An Amazon Kindle Must Read

Happy Pre Halloween to all and would everyone please “Like” and retweet the tweet at the link provided below. Much appreciation, Layden https://twitter.com/LaydenRobinson/status/917986804577570817


Nick Kyrgios Walks Off in Shanghai

I don’t care how naturally talented this guy is. He is a punk and should be permanently banned from the sport of tennis.

Kyrgios 2

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Kneeling for the = Nauseatingly overpaid, unintelligent, Race card pulling Hoodlums.


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