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Hello to all of my friends and family and please reserve my collection of new slanted stories. Truly pushed the envelope this time around.  Just click on the pic; Intended for Mature Audiences.   “I was screaming inside of myself, losing grasp of my logic and slipping sanity, hysterical within an internal fit of anger and resentment. A slight cryptic chuckle comes from above.”



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2010 Naked Winery Merlot, Columbia Valley

This medium bodied Merlot exhibits flavors of black currant, dark plum, sweet vanilla oak, black peppercorns, nutmeg and tobacco, accompanied by a lingering tannin that will develop well over time.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 



2011 Amavi Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley

With an extremely inviting nose of white pepper, toasted oak and dried dark fruit; This fabulous Washington State Cabernet has firm tannins, pleasant acidity and entrancing flavors of semi tart blackberries, black licorice, slight smoke and dry herbs.  A great representation on Walla Walla Cabernet with a lengthy, poised finish.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


2011 Gard Vintners “Don Isidro” Red Wine, Columbia Valley

This Red blend consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon 46%, Syrah 46%, Merlot 8% lends a nose of sweet oak, mild perfume and baking spice, while expressing a dense offering of extracted wild dark fruit upon the palate. A dream pairing with that magnificent beef or lamb dinner. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


2011 Dry Creek Vineyards “The Mariner”

Bold, but yet elegant; This Dry Creek Valley Bordeaux blend is the “Iron fist in the velvet glove”, expressing amazing depth and layers of refined earth, bursting blueberries, lusciously ripe dark plum and scintillating herbaceousness. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

Dry Creek

Coyote Canyon Winery, Prosser WA

Happy Wine Wednesday and I have been blessed to taste some great wines from Coyote Canyon Winery, located in south central Washington State. Here are my thoughts on what I discovered.

2013 Coyote Canyon Winery, Albarino:  This Washington state expression of the wonderful, Portuguese and Spanish white grape offers an inviting, golden hue. With clean notes of pear, spice and faint sodium on the palate. This slightly viscus, refreshing wine is well calculated and extremely food friendly with its lovely acidity.

2013 Coyote Canyon Winery, “Life is a Rose”:  This 100% semi sweet Barbera rose expresses a luscious note of perfectly ripened strawberries accompanied with a wisp of mild herbaceousness. A perfect picnic and Summertime wine that is destined to be a crowd favorite

2011 Coyote Canyon Winery, H/H Estates Buck Syrah Reserve:  Elegant, yet dense; This thoughtfully structured Syrah gifts concentrated flavors of divine dark fruit, baking spice and a wisp of rosemary.  Lamb is the ultimate pairing for this glorious red.

2011 Coyote Canyon Winery, Tres Cruces:  This 91% Syrah with a splash of Grenache and Mourvedre is medium bodied with rich savory flavors of plum, blueberry, black licorice and toasted oak.

2012 Coyote Canyon Winery, Primitivo:  With semi jammy dark fruit and wonderful notes of clove, tobacco and lime zest. Think Amador County with a little more fruit; A yummy, fullfilling Zin/Primitivo!

It was a truly an honor and wonderful ride tasting  these extremely well balanced and tasty wines. Try them for yourself here:  357 Port Avenue, Studio A, Prosser,WA, 99350, or order online. Just click the pic below.


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2011 Northwest Totem Cellars Grenache

This Washington State expression of Grenache lends a bright, pleasant nose of rose petal, sweet perfume and cedar with enticing flavors of black pepper and soft dark fruit. With vibrant acidity and a clean vanilla finish; hail Master Winemaker, “Captain” Mike Sharadin for orchestrating this wonderfully, elegant wine.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


2012 Envolve Winery Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma Valley

Crisp with pleasant notes of minerality, grapefruit, lemon and fresh herbs; this California Sauvignon Blanc is truly inviting. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.  

2012 sauv blanc


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