Woodinville Wine Cellars 2009 Indomitable, Columbia Valley

This classic Bordeaux-style blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and a 20% Cabernet Franc lends a fresh nose of perfume and sweet cedar, venturing into flavors of crushed black peppercorns, massive dark fruit, black licorice and baking spice; this full bodied wine screams to be paired with rich, fatty beef dishes with its higher acidity.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


2012 Aberrant Cellars, Pinto Noir, Amplus, Gran Moraine Vineyard, Yamhill-Carlton, Oregon

With a concentrated nose of red currant, perfume and rich red raspberry jam; this hearty, extremely refined Pinot expresses tobacco and smoky fruit on the palate, accompanied by wonderfully present acidity and mild, pleasing tannins. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


2012 Aberrant Cellars “Confero” Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Offering a beautiful, hearty, Hedonistic hue and a poetic nose of musk, oak, faint eucalyptus and tangy earth; this immaculate structured Pinot gifts sound acidity, flavors of Bing cherry, luscious red raspberry, clove and an inviting brininess.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


#Kindle .99 Sale ~ Epic Story, “Chameleon”

The of a mysterious man in search of @ redemption; Worth every penny of .99 . Click on the PIC


Appellation Vin De Savoie and the Grape, “Mondeuse”

What does anyone know about the Vin de  and the grape?   


Young and Old

” When you are young, you have a aspirations, dreams and purpose. But as you grow older, if none of those things come to fruition or are fulfilled; all you have is survival”  A Layden Robinson realization picking up his Target uniform.

target work employee uniform


Let your VOICE be heard

Take a gander at reviewing some great Indie Music and get paid for your voice and opinion. Just click on the pic.


Tom Brady DeflateGate Suspension

It is absolutely appalling how an organization; if that is what you want to call the #NFL , can suspend someone based on hearsay, speculation and the notion of,  “More probable than not”.  The NFL is a tax free carnival and only good for one thing; Sunday liquor sales. Tom Brady should retire the best Quarterback to ever play the pathetic game of football and thank God and Liberace above that the National Football League is not our judicial system.  Please repost, retweet and comment.


The New Hamburglar

The new #Hamburglar is Stephen Baldwin



#MayPac Fight and #JamieFoxx

Happy Sunday and hope everyone is having an amazing weekend celebrating #CincoDeMayo , The #KentuckyDerby and the horrible bust of a fight they called , “MayweatherVsPacquiao . Anyone that paid a $100 for the most “Disappointing Fight of the Century”, how are your asses feeling this morning? #FloydMayweather was as boring as ever and #MannyPacquiao looked old and as slow as molasses. And never mind the disturbing, “Stevie Wonder gone wrong” rendition of The #NationalAnthem performed by #JamieFoxx ? That deplorable debacle truly wanted to make me slug myself in the balls unmercifully. Happy Sunday.

Jamie 2


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