“Found Ground” Free for the #Kindle

Read “Found Ground” for free;  click on the pic. #Kindle #KindleUnlimited #poetic #horror #bizarro #fiction 



Bodegas Muga Reserva 2011

One of the most brilliantly executed wines I have had in some time.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


Free Books for the Kindle

Happy Friday and giving away my poetry, song lyric collection, “Lyrics and Such” and my New England dramedy, “The Boston Ranter” through the weekend.  Please indulge and spread the good word.  http://goo.gl/oYFzbl


















David Bowie

“Check ignition and may God’s love be with you.”  Meet you on the other side, Mr. Bowie.


Guns N’ Roses Reunion

How much of a hike did tickets take at #Coachella when #GunNRoses announced they were headlining = DON’T PAY THE BULLSHIT PRICE.



#Artists Deserve to be Paid

All of my #music will be removed from #Spotify in less than a month and is officially pulled from #SoundCloud and #MySpace . People will go and pay $13 to see a movie and $7 for a popcorn, but not spend .99 on a song or an eBook.  I am discouraged, disappointed and upset and you should be to.





Calling all #BookBloggers

Happy Hump Day and are there any Any #BookBloggers interested in reviewing my semi autobiographical dramedy set in Boston ?  Comment or hit me with a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

Layden Robinson Book Sample ~ https://laydenrobinson.wordpress.com/the-boston-ranter-slanted-vignettes-from-a-native-new-englander/

Layden Robinson Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/layden.robinson

Layden Robinson Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/LaydenRobinson


#FridayReads for #NewYears and Beyond

Happy New Year to all and hope everyone had an amazing Holiday!  I wanted to reach out to all of my friends, family and “The Curious” to share my goal of trying to take my art to a new level, and how instrumental each of you are in helping me achieve this goal. I am asking everyone to not just Retweet and share this post, but to actually download a song or story to truly support, and allow me to rise to another level. Below, are avenues to my art, both music and writing, and I am deeply in debt to all  that choose to delve deeper into my creativity journey. Much love and appreciation, Layden Robinson

Layden Robinson iTunes USA ~ https://goo.gl/6raU95

Layden Robinson Kindle Store USA ~ http://goo.gl/5OeqOE

Layden Robinson iTunes United Kingdom ~ https://goo.gl/vvDmb6

Layden Robinson Kindle Store  United Kingdom ~ http://goo.gl/paQJCn

Layden Robinson, “The Boston Ranter” for the Nook ~ http://goo.gl/fFpT2Q

Ladyen Robinson Massive Music Sale at CDBaby ~ http://goo.gl/pl1x3L

Jess and Derek




Review @ earn !   


Holiday Pumpkin Beers

The two best pumpkin beers on the planet!  Dogfish Head, “Punkin” and Elysian Brewing, “Dark O’ The Moon” Pumpkin stout.


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