Trio Vintners Wines

Happy Wine Wednesday and here are a couple wonderful wines created by Karen LaBonte, Winemaker and Owner of Trio Vintners out of Walla Walla, Washington.

2010 Trio Vintners Flashpoint Sangiovese Reserve, Yakima Valley ~ This twist on the “King of Tuscan” Sangiovese Grosso clone offers a refined nose of baking chocolate, sweet cedar, white pepper, wild blackberries and slightly funky earth. With a dry and tantalizing palate of fresh herbs, faint mint and silky, smooth tannins that will only evolve. This wine is massive and perfect for the slow cooked pot roast or rib eye off the grill.

2010 Trio Vintners Far Away Vineyard Grenache, Yakima Valley ~ With a sound nose of perfume, heavy oak and black pepper. This medium bodied red offers rich flavors of black cherry, blackberry and dense plum across the palate. Great beef wine!

2011 Trio Vintners Heart of the Hill Vineyard, Red Mountain, Carmenere ~ Big and thick with avant garde attributes of semi wet wood, jalapeno peppers, dirt, baking cocoa, dark cherry and a vanilla extract finish to boot; This wine as unorthodox as it is, is one of my favorite Carmeneres of all time. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing and check out Trio Vintners at




Castello di Amorosa Wines

Happy Wine Wednesday from San Diego and here is a wonderful line up of tremendous wines from tremendous people, Castello di Amorosa from Napa Valley.

2011 Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley Chardonnay~ A beautiful balanced wine offering delectable flavors of pineapple, lemon curd, vanilla cream and tea.

2011 Castello di Amorosa Bien Nacido Vineyard,Reserve Chardonnay~ Ginger, spice, Asian pear and subliminal coconut shape this massive medium weight Chardonnay into a crown favorite.

2013 Castello di Amorosa Gewurtztraminer,”Dry” Anderson Valley~ Clean and inviting with flavors of lightly spiced pear,orange blossom and slight hazelnut. Slightly viscous, this wonderful white has balanced acidity with a wisp of sweetness.

2010 Castillo di Amorosa Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon~ With a rich, hedonistic hue and mouthfeel,this profoundly polished Cabernet gifts divine flavors of dill, dusty earth, hearty tobacco and dark cherry. Great now with some decanting and will only get better with age. Absolutely sensational!

2011 Castello di Amorosa Napa Valley Merlot~ With luxurious depth and color, this exquisite Merlot is polished and soft on the palate while still being extremely rich with blessed flavors of lime zest, tobacco,baking spice, heavenly plum and toasted oak.

To all that love great California wine, these wines are a must have-

CastellodiAmorosa 1




Pork Plasma


            “ Man, I’m dying over here.”     PORK PLASMA

          “For the love of riffling it to synthetic cyborg things on a gloomy MidWest day?”      PORK PLASMA

          “Jesus Johnny. You don’t go to a fucking BAHMITZFA with a bunch cocktail wieners and no greeting card!!    Ingested Pork Plasma

          “Drink the clear woodsy treasure out of the clear bottle and go with the immediate. If you end up in Maine on #FryeIsland , tell them?” ~   YOU NEED PORK PLASMA!! 

            You need the woods, the delectable beast in the realistic furry costume looking for the ultimate lumber. Before long, you are on desolate road in the middle of the fucking Everglades.  You are terrified and the goddamn thing that pops out at you that looks like the ‘Swamp Thing” from the 80’s, jumps out on you from an amphibian den and you lose your fucking mind under a spell of chlorophyll delight. Balls you trip, feeling the love from genderless beings filled with insecurity and grief. 

            “Give me what I need man!”    I am fed up with all of the pacifying. Give me the cure, comfort, SMOKY ~





Jimi Jamison, Survivor Lead Singer, Dead at 63

Jazzercise meets great 80’s Rock.  RIP Jimi Jamison.

Survivor – “Can’t Hold Back”  Live in Japan 


Jimi 3




2011 Pepper Bridge Winery Merlot, Walla Walla Valley

Offering an angelic nose of milk chocolate, gloriously rippened blueberries and a hint of green grass. This magnificent Merlot from Washington State lends tasty attributes of wild dark fruit, medium roast java and balanced oak which unfold poetically across the palate.  This is New World Merlot at it’s finest and shows that Walla Walla Valley is a truly a force to be reckoned within the World of Wine. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 


2010 Pepper Bridge Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley

Sweet cedar, black pepper, vanilla and powered dark fruit seductively engage the sense of smell, as luscious flavors of plum, blueberry and tobacco pleasantly own the palate. With firm, smooth tannin and a wet, lengthy finish to boot; this wine is only going to get better and better. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


Wes Welker Banned for Four Games for Amphetamine Use

Congrats Wes Welker – AKA:  “Mr. Molly”   :)   Smell the glove and GO PATRIOTS!












Cameron Hughes LOT 390 2012 Columbia Valley Riesling

This off-dry Riesling from Columbia Valley, Washington offers beautiful flavors of orange blossom, pear, honey and nectarine. An absolute steal I picked up at Costco for $7.99!   Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 



2011 Steven Kent Winery Cabernet Franc, Ghielmetti Vinyard, Livermore Valley

This small lot offering from Steven Kent Winery offers an exquisite nose of sweet musk, fresh orange peel, black pepper and clean herbaceousness. With lovely flavors of bay leaf, sage and dry dark fruit, this 100% single estate vineyard Cabernet Franc expresses a  slight hint of creaminess, wet finish and an elegant, lingering tannin. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

Cab Franc



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