Identity 101 ~

IDENTITY 101 from “Found Ground”

The day is blue. The sky is wide. I walk briskly down an alleyway, two blocks east. There stands a Purple doorway. It is open. I make my way inside. An aroused anxiety fills me, as inside a narrow room, I listen to an old alarm clock radio blaring early Aretha. I absorb the sounds of Soul.

To the kitchen, in a worn cupboard, I find a semi-depleted bottle of smoky scotch. I pour a shot, then another. I turn my attention to a slightly ajar closet. Once inside, I search its confines slowly, methodically, finding a photo album with memories of a Father, Mother, and Daughter down by an unknown lake during autumn. I find various clothing in the closet and a collection of Masks: Latex masks, wooden masks, Slippery masks, identities ranging from Voodoo to Dr. Sulu slipped upon the heads of Salmon Mannequins; (I feel nice, surprised, yearning for a new disguise). I fixate on one particular mask, one that is the face of a devious being, a mutant half-breed: Man meets Serpent. I pull the masterful mask from its resting place spreading its opening wide, pulling it over my bewildered identity.

Over my head, upon my face, I caress my newfound brilliance in front of a musty mirror, feeling strengthened, proper, mystic. How lovely the slippery mask shaped to my head and face, so snug, as I begin to feel such a captivating sense of a reality that is truly REAL! (Out the window it is overcast, windy, frigid.)

“What to do, what to say?”  I suddenly begin to feel panic, unease.

“Who had I become?  What was happening inside of me, outside of me?”

I stood in front of a shattered mirror, as gapping gills formed from my neck: MY new identity became ONE with ME.

Down Aqua green and Cobalt blue streets, lunging forward within a furious pace, embracing some but forewarning most, I hail down a taxi and am driven to the sea. It is low tide as the wind decides to subside. Evil was never the intent; Just a new perspective, new experience, a new beginning.

Aaron Bainbridge

1966 – 2008




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