2008 Elyse Winery Le Corbeau Hudson Vineyards

This marvelous Grenache Syrah blend offers a nose of faint dill, moderately heavy oak while offering big, but yet refined flavors of concord grape, wild blackberry and all spice upon the palate; with nice acidity and a embracing vanilla finish to boot, this Southern Rhone Classic done the Elyse way is quite wholesome and fullfilling .  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 



DANCE FOR ME CALIGULA! ~  Peter O’Toole.     🙂

Trivento Select 2007 Syrah

Scored this wine for .99 cents a bottle on clearance and it retails for $17.   I figure i can’t go wrong and pour some through an aerator and am immediately hit with moderate amounts of dill on the nose from the American Oak, a tinge of pleasing perfume and a harmony of concentrated blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, Concord grapes and dried figs.  Good mouthfeel with a slight hint of Earth in the mid palate, this Argentian wine even at $10 would be an absolute steal!    Cheers and keep believin and for the Love of Liberace, KEEP DRINKING!

Cameron Hughes Lot 239

Went to the Costco in Ventura California yesterday and picked up the Cameron Hughes Lot 239 Meritage from Valle Central , Chile and for $7.99, it’s an absolute steal!   50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 10% Carmenere, this medium bodied wine with a good 45 minutes of decanting has a wonderful sweet nose of red cherry with a hint of juicy fruit, beautiful purple hue and is a very easy sipping wine. A Perfect party wine/ BBQ wine with great universal appeal, this Red is a tremendous value!   Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

Cameron Hughes Lot 227 2009 Casablanca Pinot Noir

Just went to order some more of the Lot 227 Chilian 2009 Casablanca Pinot Noir and they are seemingly entirely sold out.   😦

I have over the past several months been blessed enough to drink about a half of case of this wonderful wine from the Valparaiso Region located on the Coast of The Atlantic Ocean in Chile and I can’t speak highly enough about this wine.   Every bottle I have had of The Lot 227 from Cameron Hughes has been extremely consistent and whether on its own with a slight chill, with a baked turkey dinner, or paired with a juicy Rib Eye; this Pinot Noirs stellar structure holds up wonderfully!

With a pleasant mouthfeel, nice undertones of earth and dark chocolate in the mid palate accompanied by the  pleasant bouquet of red cherry with a hint of lavender, rose and mint,.  The Lot 227 gets a definite thumbs up and  if you can find it, is an absolutely wonderfully diverse everyday wine!    Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Keep Drinking and Keep Believing!   🙂

AZ Wine, Solace, and South African Shiraz

Went to AZ Wine in Scottsdale AZ last night, which was the place that actually got me hooked on drinking wine and grabbed a nice glass of Dry Creek Valley Zin, making my way to The Tuscany section, settling into solace.  Such a perfect moment it was to be sipping a wonderful glass of vino after a hard days work, perusing fine wines and taking in the awesome surroundings.   After taking in The Tuscany and Piedmont sections and then making my way over to The Northern Rhone, drolling and dreaming deeply for a seemingly forever moment, i was approached by a friendly wine steward and he asked if i would like to try a wine he was given as gift.    🙂

It was a 2007 South African Shiraz that was very rare and it had a bouquet of Earth that was wild, massive and dumbfounding.  It was like barley and wheat on Steroids with a slight undertone of clay and gunflint. South African wines are so hit and miss quality wise, but when they nail it, they are some of the most contemplative, seductive, earthiest wines in the world.   After a glass and half of wonderful wine and daydreaming about anothor world, a world filled with purity and peace, i was on my way again; On my way to experience another moment, another opportunity to appreciate this ultimate gift of Life. 🙂

Cameron Hughes Lot 211

Just got a new shipment of Cameron Hughes wine yesterday and cracked a bottle of the new Lot 211 Cabernet Sauvignon. With a captivating nose of red raspberries, black cherries and cassis, I took my first sip of my new found love, experiencing wonderful medium bodied concentrated red and dark fruit, mild smooth tannin and a smooth, moderate lengthened finish.   This wine has stellar balance and paired quite nicely with my late night dinner of boneless pork sirloin chops and eggplant Parmesan.  Definitely one the better Cameron Hughes wines I have had over the past several months.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

Cartlidge and Browne Pinot Noir

Had the 2009 Cartlidge and and Browne Pinot Noir from Northern Coast California a couple nights ago and even though quaffable, it  came off more like a moderately jammy Sonoma Zin.  I can’t believe how thick some of these California Pinots are, especially ones from The Carneros area. Some have fruit so thick that you could cut it with a knife.   I  guess I am a purest, but when I think of great Pinot Noir, I think of lean and wonderful mouthfeel.

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