Novak Djokovic- Truly Number 1

It is crazy to think that Novak Djokovic has not even come close to peaking and my gut is telling me that he is going to go on a ” Federeresque run” and dominate the sport for years to come.  No one at this point has an answer on how to stop Novak Djokovic and when you beat Rafael Nadal 5 FINALS IN A ROW and haven’t even discovered the height of what you are truly capable of?  THAT IS DOWNRIGHT TERRIFYING.  Cheers and please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

Tennis is my passion

Can’t get enough of playing tennis. I have been living on the tennis court,  living the moment and enjoying every breath.  I wish when I was a younger man I knew how much I loved the game of Tennis.   🙂

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