#FridayReads for #NewYears and Beyond

Happy New Year to all and hope everyone had an amazing Holiday!  I wanted to reach out to all of my friends, family and “The Curious” to share my goal of trying to take my art to a new level, and how instrumental each of you are in helping me achieve this goal. I am asking everyone to not just Retweet and share this post, but to actually download a song or story to truly support, and allow me to rise to another level. Below, are avenues to my art, both music and writing, and I am deeply in debt to all  that choose to delve deeper into my creativity journey. Much love and appreciation, Layden Robinson

Layden Robinson iTunes USA ~ https://goo.gl/6raU95

Layden Robinson Kindle Store USA ~ http://goo.gl/5OeqOE

Layden Robinson iTunes United Kingdom ~ https://goo.gl/vvDmb6

Layden Robinson Kindle Store  United Kingdom ~ http://goo.gl/paQJCn

Layden Robinson, “The Boston Ranter” for the Nook ~ http://goo.gl/fFpT2Q

Ladyen Robinson Massive Music Sale at CDBaby ~ http://goo.gl/pl1x3L

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