2009 WildAire Cellars “Timothy” Pinot Noir

Hope everyone had a wonderful, long Weekend and wanted to express my take on this sensational, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir produced by WildAire Cellars.   Named in honor of Winemaker Matthew Driscoll’s Father, Timothy, I knew very early that this Pinot was going to be an absolute treat to get to know.   With a soothing, red garnet hue and a fragrant bouquet of earth, grass and perfume, this superb wine is joyously generous with offerings of strawberry, red currant, Maraschino cherry, pleasant vanilla oak, clove and faint menthol on the palate.  With masterful, crisp, zestful acidity, this Pinot Noir is one of my favorite Oregon Pinots to date.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


Acrobat 2010 Oregon Pinot Noir

This 2010 Oregon Pinot Noir produced by King Estate Winery is mild, easy sipping and after about 20 minutes of airating, lends flavors of tree bark, eucalyptus, tart red cherries, dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla.  Good value at $20 and definitely prefer this over most California Pinots for the same price point. Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

2005 Château Thivin Côte de Brouilly

Saw this lonely last bottle on the shelf of this medium bodied red wine made from the Gamay grape and was intrigued being that a couple nights back i heard someone say “Why don’t more people drink Beaujolais?”    Well, it’s all about the moment and experiencing new things, right?

To be honest, I have had very few Beaujolais besides what you typically find on Amercan shelves like The Louis Jadot varieties and a bottle or two of Beaujolais Nouveau over the Holidays; ( My deep dark secret.) But Brouilly Beaujolais are supposed to be a bit fuller and richer than some other Beaujolais and figured 6 years of aging by what I had read about these wines was perfect.  With a nose of sharp musk and heavy wood, this wine is dominated by tartness accompanied by fruit flavors of cherry, mild mango and orange towards the back end of the mid palate venturing into the faint finish.  I appreciated the experience of trying this wine, but would probably not drink it again.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

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Airlie Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2007

With a faint nose of musk, cedar and mushrooms this is a feeble attempt at trying to be Burgundian that comes off paper thin. 


Left Coast Cellars 2006 Pinot Noir Cali’s Cuvee

This Willamette Valley Oregon Pinot Noir drinks smooth and consistent offering flavors of ripe Bing cherries, clove, faint vanilla spice and a hint of menthol on the back palate.  For a Pinot Noir for $17, this is a sound buy.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

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