“Found Ground” Free for the #Kindle

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Free Books for the Kindle

Happy Friday and giving away my poetry, song lyric collection, “Lyrics and Such” and my New England dramedy, “The Boston Ranter” through the weekend.  Please indulge and spread the good word.  http://goo.gl/oYFzbl


















11/26/77- Young, In Love with Life and Lost

“I’m not afraid of death, yet maybe I should be, for how do you judge your life if it isn’t by some contrast.  I should live so that when death overtakes me, I know I was in there trying my best;  Death, that mealy mouth son of a bitch will have to catch me.”~   Francois Kendercork.

Found Ground

My new Ebook ” Found Ground” is now for sale via Paypal at robinsonderek@hotmail.com for $3.99.   Featuring Journal excerpts from my travels Overseas, Short Stories, Poetry, and Random scenes of Madness and Positive Mental Illness.  Think Bukowski meets Burroughs with a hint of David Lynch.  Cheers and please subscribe to blog if you dig the vibe.

New Ebook

Happy Thursday to all and letting everyone know that i am taking orders for my new Ebook ” Found Ground”, featuring journal excerpts from my journey Overseas, Short stories, Poetry, and Scenes of Madness.    Please comment for more info.

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