Amsterdam, Blueberry, Jean Claude Van Damme and Al Jazeera

After spending several days in Amsterdam with my dear friends Attorney James ” Mick” Ingram and Fracois ” The Magician” Kendercork ; (  In the photo below alongside my bloated self.)  I decided after smoking copious amounts of “Blueberry” and booking a King size bed for three people, that it was time to move on to Brussels on a second class disease train and try to find the gone missing  Jean Claude Van Damme.   Quite the elusive fucker Van Damme is, especially with a head full of Angelic Cocaine and Belgian Chocolate running through his corrupt veins.  It is safe to say we were unsuccessful in our mission to find J.C.V.D, but we did stumble into a fanatical Muslim Al Jeezera infested Internet Cafe;  That was quite interesting!   Please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

Download Your Freedom!

Awesome Independent release “Greatest and Otherwise” is now available, featuring  National Jimi Hendrix Guitar Champion and Live Guitarist for Christian Kane’s Band, Jason Southard.    Download your Freedom today!

New Music

If you dig the vibe please subscribe and download my new album ” Greatest and Otherwise”.  Cheers and thanks to all that support Independent Music.

End of the World

End of the World tomorrow. Going to be double fisting some fine first growth Bordeaux’s while receiving the Blowjob of the century before it all comes to a screeching halt.




Congrats to Michael Grimm!

Congrats to Michael Grimm on his new self titled release and if you love Blue eyed Soul, please pick up ” Music Meets Emotion”. 

Britney Spears

Brittany Spears was destined to either become a Pop Star or Porn Queen.  The first came true and it is still early in the game for the other to come to fruition.   🙂

Dear Fans

Here is a still shot from my Music video “Almost Forever” from the album Music Meets Emotion.  

“This is my favorite screencap from Layden Robinson’s video Almost Forever.”    Sue from Argentina.
Once again cheers to all of my International fans in The UK, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Sri Lanka- Komodo Country

Michael Bolton

For a guy who was supposedly a real prick back in the day, Michael Bolton has certainly lightened up and has quite the sense of humor now!    LMAO.

Amsterdam Busking

Here is a groove inspired by my time busking and attempting to live in the liberal capital of the World.    Cheers.   P.S:   Research what the “purple light” means,  stay away from the ‘ bubble gum”, and don’t attempt to take a leak in the corners of alleyways because they have steel reflectors that will bounce your piss back at you.  🙂

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