2008 Ash Hollow Petit Verdot

First off, I love what these guys do, but to be honest, even though it was Ash Hollow Vineyards producing this 100% Petit Verdot, I was truly terrified.  Friday Evening, already within another dimension, space and time, I dug deep and ecstatic I became.   WOW!  Just wholesome, bursting dark fruit that is relentless with its generosity and warmth.  Loved this wine and the only downfall is that it is quite limited and only available in their tasting room.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing. 

2004 Indigene Cellars Santa Maria Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and drank plenty of great vino!   This Summer has been absolutely amazing and have to tell everyone about the Cabernet from Indigene Cellars i had that was absolutely massive!

Full bodied and elegantly refined this Cabernet has a contemplative, rustic bouquet of rich plum, course ground black pepper and green pepper that is so seductive it makes you want to fall right into the glass, as wonderfully layered flavors of black cherry, vanilla extract and a zest of peppery spice suck you in deeper and deeper with every sip.  Definitely one of the best wines i have ever had from this area, and the perfectly executed toasted oak finish with smooth lingering tannin seals the deal!   Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.  

Santa Barbara Winery Pinot Noir 2009 Sta. Rita Hills

Not much to say about this wine. Alot of conflicting, discombobulated flavors of berries and extremely unbalanced the whole way.  Will say though that the nose on this wine was decent for the first 15 minutes lending aromas of clove, musk, vanilla and a touch of raw earth. As a whole,  extremely disappointed.   😦   Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.

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