At Sea ~ Inspired by “Deadliest Catch”

At Sea

“At Sea, there is time.”

“At Sea, Miracles become Truth.”

“At Sea, you will be set free.”


{Front page news from a forgotten yesterday.}

“What was Mr. Rickey gonna say about all of this!” yells some lunatic from behind a busted blue Post office box.

You see, Mr. Rickey could be tricky, drop you a Mickey, and then fuck you in the Frickey. Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get more peculiar, in walks a Blue robed, Black and Blue Jesus with Matrix answers who begins dancing, rejoicing, and exposing himself to the entire civilized world!!!

“Jesus Christ!”

[Not in vain.]

It was the Fall 1972, when everything began to take shape.

I decided to journey out into the Sea’s emerald green embrace and presence to try to find answers to Life’s mysteries, hoping that along the way as time stood still, glorious miracles would begin to form and take shape in my empty Life; I hoped I would learn to love and leave all animosity behind.

If you sit long enough on the dock of the bay, you will be made aware of a vessel approaching in the distance, captained by a Sailor at sea coming to give you an opportunity of a lifetime, as just behind this approaching vessel, trails a monstrosity of a Serpent which follows within a fluent stride. (The sky begins to open, shedding its calming lavender delight, as distrust begins to fall extinct.)

“Are you coming with, Young Lad?”

I agree to journey out to sea with a frazzled, bearded, cherry tobacco smoking fisherman that extends his callused hand to me gracefully, pulling me down from the lonely dock onto his weathered vessel. My will was to be challenged head to toe once I agreed to go out to sea, as I was to be taken away to be amongst gelatinous entities, eat day old chowder, and become gluttonous with my consumption of homemade grain alcohol.

I could barely make out through my Grain alcohol induced haze, the fisherman keeling over in laughter, heckling me in all of my obscene drunkenness, shouting obscenities such as “Ass Clown”  and  “ Muthabanger”  my way. (But at sea, true forgiveness is found.)

The thought of creatures below the surface of the sea making love, sending slight ripples of pleasure throughout the ink-colored waters that caress our elderly vessel, settled so right inside.

“Your mind never lies to you. It always tells the truth, but only if you are willing to listen.”

“Yes my friends, at sea, Time is endless and I am at peace.”

At Sea  

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