Masterful Bowie!

“The Hearts filthy lesson with her hundred miles to Hell.”   Love the Piano solo.

Another Day, Johnny Fever and a Gay Parade

Rain man hears the sounds of a distance melody.   ” Could it be?”

You think back to 78-  Disco, #Coke , Studio 54,  Blizzards of Biblical proportion; wondrous experimental sexuality.

Down by the old oak tree I was under the other day; I try to rest my restless mind, reminiscing on beautiful, touching memories that could wait no longer to rise to the SURFACE .

Water,  flowing fields within a divine color green;  I smile inside, deep down to the core; (  That’s were it goes.)

I am finally starting to recognize that this is all a dream; No more reality. THIS IS A DREAM, to be shaped anyway I see fit.

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