Masterful Bowie!

“The Hearts filthy lesson with her hundred miles to Hell.”   Love the Piano solo.

From Layden Robinson’s “Found Ground”- Fear

Belief stems from a lack of fear.”

Remember, as a child, that feeling of invincibility, that feeling that anything is possible, no matter how unrealistic or downright foolish the dream seemed, believing you could fly, soar through the stirring skies, never accepting “No” for an answer?   Funny as we get “older”and fall from time to time how quickly we start to disbelieve, become shell shocked like the boxer who gets knocked out for the first time and can’t seem to shake the fear of getting hit again.  (Unless you can channel that youthful vibrancy and keeping moving forward, Fear continues to grow, not dissipate.)

Fear:  The damnation of so many, killing dreams and aspirations before they even begin.

“What about words and their effect on our success and a living a fruitful life?”

Words:  Crippling, defeating, seething, motivating, sometimes amazingly uplifting.

“You will never be able to fucking do it!”

Why would one say such deflating words to another, furthermore, why does one believe such derogatory words from another?

“I don’t mind turning gray, growing older, walking through a park reminiscing, but FEAR?”

I wish to be young internally for as long as I am blessed to live, conquering all of my fears, whole-heartedly believing anything and everything is possible, without doubt or hesitation.

Walk in Beauty

What a wonderfully written and inspiring read by my dear friend, Tiger Windwalker.   A MUST READ!

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