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A Tangle with “The Moroccan” in Amsterdam.

Me back in the Summer of 2006 in Amsterdam a little bloated and demented after a tangle with ” The Moroccan” at  The Grasshopper; You can see in my eyes that I was not victorious and am a bit deabilitated  🙂

Devious Dream

[ The ink colored night, the platinum bridge, the loving Vixen, THE EVIL HENCHMAN.]

Who is to say that life is even partially fair when you end up staring down the barrel of an Old World style rifle, with your guts turning, blowing out deep exhales of animosity into the stale steady wind?

The Devil finally shows up at 12:02 A.M on the button. Fucker is 2 minutes late due to some unforeseen deaths along the way.  So here I stand, only wishing to lie upon a cozy bed and be straddled by a beautiful, meticulous, bald pussy, wielding Princess.


“ I need to know where I can find the answers.  So I am not left to burn, dancing amongst the Voodoo dancers.”

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