Mr. Clown Frown


Once upon a time a clown told me a story about a special universe where people go to explore their deep-seated desires and animosities. I inquired of this clown, terrified but yet curious, “Where is this special place you speak of, Mr. Clown Frown?” Such a maniacal frown the clown wore like sorrow upon a tormented canvas.

“Is it safe to say that this place is not for everyone?” I continued with my anxiety ridden inquiry,as Mr. Clown Frown stared into me with such a relentless stare, taking me by the hand and leading me down a cherry soaked road that was at the edge of our forsaken world.¬†There were no words that came from the broken hearted clown’s mouth, as he only communicated by broken sign language and telepathy. I started to dial in to my new surroundings and began to witness things so much more vividly then I ever had before; IT IS NEVER SAFE WHEN YOU BECOME THE WITNESS.

“Is it safe to say this could be our last day, Mr. Clown Frown?” How quickly Mr. Clown Frown’s sullen expression turned around, evolving into a razor smile, as all around us the venomous sky began to rain red brick red. Behind me, I could sense Mr. Clown Frown and I were no longer alone.¬†Giddy up.

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