Trio Vintners 2008 Sangiovese

It has been quite the ride in a positive way tasting these series of wines by Trio Vintners and i was  curious to experience their take on the Tuscan trademarked treasure, Sangiovese.  Sourced exclusively from Walla Walla Valley, this mild, polished wine offers graceful layers of clove, musk, chocolate, red cherry and dried cranberries while lending a subtle, lengthy finish of vanilla laced perfume. Truly hit the spot with my boneless, lightly seasoned, pork sirloin chops and pasta dinner.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


Avignonesi 2007 Rosso

This modern day Super Tuscan blend with 40% Prugnolo Gentile; ( The Sangiovese clone renowed for being the main component of Vino Nobile De Montulpulciano), 30%  Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot has a rich black cherry soda hue with a wonderful nose of sweet briar and oak, a hint of musk and dried cranberries.   With moderately bright consistent fruit in the front and mild pleasant tannin that decipates quickly but elegantly, this wine with a hint of cigarbox in the mid palate and finish is extremely consistent.

Only thing missing with this surprisingly balanced young wine was a juicy medium rare T-Bine and a bowl of fresh tomato laced pasta as a perfect frequency of eucalyptis, clove and barnyard fill this Tuscan blend’s bouquet;   This wine is a gem at $12.99 

Keep Searching, Keep Believing and Keep DRINKING!     🙂 

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