Amsterdam, Blueberry, Jean Claude Van Damme and Al Jazeera

After spending several days in Amsterdam with my dear friends Attorney James ” Mick” Ingram and Fracois ” The Magician” Kendercork ; (  In the photo below alongside my bloated self.)  I decided after smoking copious amounts of “Blueberry” and booking a King size bed for three people, that it was time to move on to Brussels on a second class disease train and try to find the gone missing  Jean Claude Van Damme.   Quite the elusive fucker Van Damme is, especially with a head full of Angelic Cocaine and Belgian Chocolate running through his corrupt veins.  It is safe to say we were unsuccessful in our mission to find J.C.V.D, but we did stumble into a fanatical Muslim Al Jeezera infested Internet Cafe;  That was quite interesting!   Please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

A Tangle with “The Moroccan” in Amsterdam.

Me back in the Summer of 2006 in Amsterdam a little bloated and demented after a tangle with ” The Moroccan” at  The Grasshopper; You can see in my eyes that I was not victorious and am a bit deabilitated  🙂

End of the World

End of the World tomorrow. Going to be double fisting some fine first growth Bordeaux’s while receiving the Blowjob of the century before it all comes to a screeching halt.





Are the only birds that will not move a fucking inch when there is a 3000 pd vessel coming there way.  Call it stupidity or a death sentence; pigeons are gluttonous, disease infested reject creations that should be banish from Mother Earth.

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Comedy Dave Attell- Wine

Love this guy!   He heckled me at the Tempe Improv years back because i was a wine drinker.   LMAO.

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