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Happy Hump Day and are there any Any #BookBloggers interested in reviewing my semi autobiographical dramedy set in Boston ?  Comment or hit me with a direct message on Twitter or Facebook.

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#FridayReads for #NewYears and Beyond

Happy New Year to all and hope everyone had an amazing Holiday!  I wanted to reach out to all of my friends, family and “The Curious” to share my goal of trying to take my art to a new level, and how instrumental each of you are in helping me achieve this goal. I am asking everyone to not just Retweet and share this post, but to actually download a song or story to truly support, and allow me to rise to another level. Below, are avenues to my art, both music and writing, and I am deeply in debt to all  that choose to delve deeper into my creativity journey. Much love and appreciation, Layden Robinson

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Jess and Derek



#Kindle .99 Sale ~ Epic Story, “Chameleon”

The of a mysterious man in search of @ redemption; Worth every penny of .99 . Click on the PIC


The Barolo Escapade



In the best interest of the over extravagantly priced vacation home, I cup the slabs of the freshest recent victim upon the marble fucking countertops; Fuck it, keep the deposit; I AM IN THE FLESH.

To the wine cellar I deliriously and unhealthily wander, wondering if anyone was going to join me, be with me, ACCEPT ME. But time is ticking like the curse it had become; Being brutally blunt with me;  “You are fucking alone!”


So, to the wine cellar already, reminiscing about the hot, rich snatch I once hungered within, and the thought of all of their after world moisture, fucking within the moment.


“TO THE FUCKING WINE CELLAR!”  I sense the collection is superior, fixating upon a vintage bottle of Barolo that pleads to be plucked; Grab the “Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove”, a fine Barolo, and get upstairs to get on with your diseased feasting.

Yes, that obsessive, carnivorous disease had begun to haunt me, consume me, control me, making me the heathen I had BECOME.

“Best make sure I indulge deeply.”  Out of the wine cellar, back at the tattered marble kitchen counter, properly beginning to decant my fine Barolo, I begin to poetically throw piece after piece of new human I had been preparing down the gullet.   I am ill now, wandered in the forest well after the mid night hour and it DEVOURED ME, making me false promises. I would feel nothing. I see into my own regret and anger, as I progressively begin to chomp more and more obsessively upon each salty, bloody piece of recent kill.

“OHHHHHHHH!”  I bellow in semi sharp evolving pain, grabbing for a crystal glass to hedonistically throw back my Itailian delight;  Barolo, aggressive, seductive, course, rustic, elegant. I nose the glass and timeless juice meticulously, taking in each profound scent and essential character; Acidity that pairs perfectly with that that hearty entrée with a sublime tannic mouthfeel.  Earth, depth, exuding  a forever memorable persona.  I begin to become one within the fresh flesh, cursing the outside illuminated moon, giving it the cursed finger; exclaiming things were going to become one with me; THE DEMONS SOMETIME PREVAILS.





Random Man

Hello to all of my friends and family and please reserve my collection of new slanted stories; I truly pushed the envelope this time around; Intended for Mature Audiences: “I was screaming inside of myself, losing grasp of my logic and slipping sanity, hysterical within an internal fit of anger and resentment. A slight cryptic chuckle comes from above.”   Click on the pic to view more. 





THE DEVIL DIES IN THE END; Introduce yourself to colorful man below.

Chamelion Cover


Pork Plasma


            “ Man, I’m dying over here.”     PORK PLASMA

          “For the love of riffling it to synthetic cyborg things on a gloomy MidWest day?”      PORK PLASMA

          “Jesus Johnny. You don’t go to a fucking BAHMITZFA with a bunch cocktail wieners and no greeting card!!    Ingested Pork Plasma

          “Drink the clear woodsy treasure out of the clear bottle and go with the immediate. If you end up in Maine on #FryeIsland , tell them?” ~   YOU NEED PORK PLASMA!! 

            You need the woods, the delectable beast in the realistic furry costume looking for the ultimate lumber. Before long, you are on desolate road in the middle of the fucking Everglades.  You are terrified and the goddamn thing that pops out at you that looks like the ‘Swamp Thing” from the 80’s, jumps out on you from an amphibian den and you lose your fucking mind under a spell of chlorophyll delight. Balls you trip, feeling the love from genderless beings filled with insecurity and grief. 

            “Give me what I need man!”    I am fed up with all of the pacifying. Give me the cure, comfort, SMOKY ~





Jimi Jamison, Survivor Lead Singer, Dead at 63

Jazzercise meets great 80’s Rock.  RIP Jimi Jamison.

Survivor – “Can’t Hold Back”  Live in Japan 


Jimi 3




Wes Welker Banned for Four Games for Amphetamine Use

Congrats Wes Welker – AKA:  “Mr. Molly”   🙂   Smell the glove and GO PATRIOTS!












Breathe- #Fangoria Fans

Horror Suspense fans. “Breathe” is now at .  Click on the pic and come on IN.

Breathe PIC

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