Alvin Stardust, glam rock singer, dies aged 72

Hail Alvin Stardust and hope you are Coo Ca Chooing your madness on the Other Side.



Jimi Jamison, Survivor Lead Singer, Dead at 63

Jazzercise meets great 80’s Rock.  RIP Jimi Jamison.

Survivor – “Can’t Hold Back”  Live in Japan 


Jimi 3




The Dark Tongue

Music from the vault featuring Mark Manley, Layden Robinson, Jason Southard and Ryan Baker. Click on the pic and take a listen and download what you enjoy!  Please #SupportIndie


Mother’s Day

I have the best Mom in the world and she is also renowned as being quite the amphibian enthusiast. This song is dedicated to her and every amazing Mom around the world~ “Mother’s Side”  Please share

Amphibious Being

John’s Rock N’ Roll Diary: Abba Hasn’t Ruled Out Recording New Music


John Merrick Would Approve of my Music

If John Merrick were still alive he would encourage you to download my wonderful new music.



Happy Music Monday from Denver and please support Indie Music and please download my new album “Within”, featuring acoustic tracks inspired Blues, Soul, Funk, Folk and Emotion; This is my survival and downloading TRULY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.


All Time Best Songs

Here is my list of Top 10 Songs of All Time; Please comment, agree and disagree.

1.  Living Colour – “Cult of Personality”.  The minute I heard this song, I knew it was everything I was searching for in song. Furious, Aggressive, Massively Produced ~ The absolute shit!   Till this day, Living Colour is still renowned as being my favorite band ever;  Only damnation of this song; Living Colour got pigeon holed and everyone overlooked the magnitude of everything else they have done.  LIVING COLOUR IS SO AMAZING and truly take the opportunity to peruse there life altering music.

2. Stevie Wonder – “Superstition”.  How can you dispute the infectious brilliance of this song; Universal appeal.

3. Stevie Wonder – “As”.  An Angelic, uplifting anthem that moves me so deeply inside every time I listen to it.  I sing, on the verge of tears, happiness and Freedom.

4.  EVERY LED ZEPPELIN SONG, with the exception of “D’yer Maker” –  You could play these albums from head to toe thousands of years from now and they would still be just as massive and life altering as ever; Timeless Music that is indisputable.

5.  The Righteous Brothers –  “Unchained Melody”.  WOW!  Goose bumps and scrap the “Ghost” reference out of your silly little mind and you got one of the most beautiful climaxes in the history of any song ever recorded.

6.  Isley Brothers – “It’s your Thing”. Out of the gates, so engaging and makes me want to jump out of my moving car and dance in front of the entire fucking, uncivilized world.

7.  Kansas – “Dust in The Wind”.  Heartfelt, eerie and sentimental to my heart; This in my opinion is the best ballad of all time.

8. Otis Redding – “Change Gonna Come” Within a time of sorry and despair I found Otis Redding and this rendition of the Sam Cooke Classic made me weep and exorcise most demons.

9.  Stevie Wonder – ” You and I”; One more Stevie tune.  I found and bought “Talking Book” when my Dad was sick and this song introduced so much cleansing, faith, love, hope and uplifting vibes throughout my soul ; Amazing

10. K C and the Sunshine Band – “Get Down Tonight”.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Worst Songs of All Time

Here are my picks for worst songs of all time; Songs that make you cringe and want to go on a killing spree because they are so terrible.

1. Manfred Mann – “Blinded by the Light”. Everytime I here this horrible diddy, I want to strike myself in the balls unmercifully. It fuels me with yet another reason to want to create a voodoo doll of #BruceSpringsteen and torment him for writing this deplorable composition

2. Styx – “Babe”. A ballad truly gone wrong and everytime I hear #DennisDeyoung ‘s voice I want to massacre the innocent like a banshee on bad #LSD.

3. Eagles – “Desperado”. God Damn it. When will the song FUCKING END!

4. The Offspring – “Keep Em Separated”. In my humble opinion; the worst band ever assembled. Every note out of this fucker’s mouth makes me want to rip my fingers down a chalkboard in a 3rd grade classroom and the trivial guitar riffs MUST DIE!

5. Layden Robinson – “Someday”. “Purple Rain” gone wrong and The Swedish Chef with a wisp of White Soul may truly be the tell tale sign that the world is coming to an end.

6. Alanis Morissette – “Ironic”. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME! F U CANADA and your currency we always get helplessly stiffed with in our change pocket.

7. Led Zeppelin – “D’yer Maker”. Only knock you can ever put on THE ZEP; Too much fairy dust and boredom on that given day of recording.

8. Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away”. The beginning of the downfall of L.K;  What the fuck happened LENNY!! “I want to fly, like a dragon fly”. The song makes me want to literally try to suck my own dick after a long humid, Summer day.

9. WHAM – “Jitterbug”. So Bad, but SO GOOD! The Santa Monica Theme Song; Mike Clark

10. Any Dave Matthews Song. “HEE HAW – HEE HAW”; Go back to #SouthAfrica and fight #Apartheid you fucking boring, sandal wearing prick.

Please share your worst songs and repost.



Peter Gabriel Remembers Nelson Mandela: ‘It Leaves an Enormous Hole’


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