Shania Twain and Serena Williams- The Return of Two we do not NEED back in SOCIETY!

The return of the talentless Shania Twain and the “Epitome of all Vanity” Serena Williams;  2 Things this Wicked World doesn’t need to try to regain it’s optimism.   😦

George Michael VI- A Brief Conversation

It is early in the P.M Hours and drinking some mediocre Red Chinon when the Tele rings.


“Layden, it’s me.”

“It’s who?”


“Me who?”

“Your best buddy.”

“Who is this?”

“It’s Mr. Hedonism- Mr. Careless Whisper minus Sexy Sax Man, George Michael.”


Riveting New Ebook

Really want people to read my writing and offering my Ebook “Found Ground” for $3.99 via Paypal at Cheers.

It Rubs The Lotion On It’s Skin­eepersmusic

This is like a Benjamin Orr song gone extremely wrong, but quite the catchy little ditty and inspired the Moon Jelly Tracks on my new album ” Greatest and Otherwise.” Giddy up and ” Put the lotion in the basket. ”    🙂

Salvador Dali and Coulrophobia

After several days exploring the wonderful city of Barcelona, my Attorney James ” Mick” Ingram and I decided to throw a curveball into the mix and take a train several hrs away to the city of Figueres; to try and fathom what we could of the Official and quite massive Salvador Dali Museum.

Such an amazing experience it was to be free and take in a new environment, facing all fears and apprehensions which seemed to dwindle away with every passing second; With my Attorney representing me the whole way, I was able to conquer one of my biggest hangups and fears for the very first time in my Life.

Side by side with what I once renowned as being ” The Ultimate Nefarious Being”, I was now able to overcome one of my deepest trepidation and become one with my past nemesis; ( Yes, Madness will always will ensue, but not necessarily for the worst.)

Onward we moved onward 2 blocks to one of the most Surreal places I have ever experienced, taking in a mastermind’s vision for the next 2 hrs, contemplating, perusing, being certain, being confused, feeling vulnerable, feeling like their are absolutely no boundaries in this Dreamscape/Life.  Love to all and please enjoy the Journey wherever it takes you.


Amsterdam, Blueberry, Jean Claude Van Damme and Al Jazeera

After spending several days in Amsterdam with my dear friends Attorney James ” Mick” Ingram and Fracois ” The Magician” Kendercork ; (  In the photo below alongside my bloated self.)  I decided after smoking copious amounts of “Blueberry” and booking a King size bed for three people, that it was time to move on to Brussels on a second class disease train and try to find the gone missing  Jean Claude Van Damme.   Quite the elusive fucker Van Damme is, especially with a head full of Angelic Cocaine and Belgian Chocolate running through his corrupt veins.  It is safe to say we were unsuccessful in our mission to find J.C.V.D, but we did stumble into a fanatical Muslim Al Jeezera infested Internet Cafe;  That was quite interesting!   Please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

A Tangle with “The Moroccan” in Amsterdam.

Me back in the Summer of 2006 in Amsterdam a little bloated and demented after a tangle with ” The Moroccan” at  The Grasshopper; You can see in my eyes that I was not victorious and am a bit deabilitated  🙂

Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark”

ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL!    🙂     My Dear friend Michael ” Francois”  Kendercork  brought ” Court and Spark” along for the ride to pick up some tasty 2004 McLaren Shiraz, as we gave it full potential through the JBL speakers in my modern day Batmobile- Aka:  2001 Coal Black Toyota Solora.  What Masterful Production, Compositions and layer upon layer of uncontrived Artistic Integrity ” Court and Spark” lends with track after track of  vivid poetic verse that truly takes you to another place, inside another’s eyes  .   🙂    What an Awesome day and it’s safe to say that when 2 grown men crank Joni Mitchell together they are secure with their sexuality, whichever way that sexuality may swing!   🙂

Please  “Like” if you dig the vibe and Support Independent Music and pick up my new album ” Greatest and Otherwise” at ITunes.

The Jolly Green Giant

“My favorite commercial when i was a little kid was the Jolly Green Giant.  He would go HoHoHo and I would laugh!    When he’d go HoHoHo in that deep giant voice I would get all excited!”-   Anonymous.



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