Worst Songs of All Time

Here are my picks for worst songs of all time; Songs that make you cringe and want to go on a killing spree because they are so terrible.

1. Manfred Mann – “Blinded by the Light”. Everytime I here this horrible diddy, I want to strike myself in the balls unmercifully. It fuels me with yet another reason to want to create a voodoo doll of #BruceSpringsteen and torment him for writing this deplorable composition

2. Styx – “Babe”. A ballad truly gone wrong and everytime I hear #DennisDeyoung ‘s voice I want to massacre the innocent like a banshee on bad #LSD.

3. Eagles – “Desperado”. God Damn it. When will the song FUCKING END!

4. The Offspring – “Keep Em Separated”. In my humble opinion; the worst band ever assembled. Every note out of this fucker’s mouth makes me want to rip my fingers down a chalkboard in a 3rd grade classroom and the trivial guitar riffs MUST DIE!

5. Layden Robinson – “Someday”. “Purple Rain” gone wrong and The Swedish Chef with a wisp of White Soul may truly be the tell tale sign that the world is coming to an end.

6. Alanis Morissette – “Ironic”. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME! F U CANADA and your currency we always get helplessly stiffed with in our change pocket.

7. Led Zeppelin – “D’yer Maker”. Only knock you can ever put on THE ZEP; Too much fairy dust and boredom on that given day of recording.

8. Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away”. The beginning of the downfall of L.K;  What the fuck happened LENNY!! “I want to fly, like a dragon fly”. The song makes me want to literally try to suck my own dick after a long humid, Summer day.

9. WHAM – “Jitterbug”. So Bad, but SO GOOD! The Santa Monica Theme Song; Mike Clark

10. Any Dave Matthews Song. “HEE HAW – HEE HAW”; Go back to #SouthAfrica and fight #Apartheid you fucking boring, sandal wearing prick.

Please share your worst songs and repost.




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  1. I need to see you in my office… IMMEDIATELY

  2. I’ll give you Styx, The Eagles, and most Dave Matthews. I actually like (but don’t love), a lot of songs on this list haha. There’s some Dave Matthews I can’t help enjoying: Two Step, What Would You Say, Ants Marching, and Crash (Into Me). Guess we just have different taste in music haha.

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