Super Bowl XLVI Fixed?

Dead lay, melodramatic with a nauseatingly, convienent finish. It is safe to to say the most riveting and intriguing part of Superbowl 46 was watching Madonna trying to execute and sell her 53 year’s young lethargic dance moves in her $3,000, snuggy snug leather boots.  Giddy up and please subscribe if you dig the vibe.

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  1. Someone might try and say I’m bias and I don’t know what I’m saying scoff at me and probably worse, because lets face it the Super Bowl 46 was a blatant sham. Orchestrated for our betters. Now you’ll say
    I’m a NE fan so who cares cry all you want we [Giants Fans] won. Well I’m not here to tell you whom I was a fan of. I liked both teams equally. I think I’ve seen more realistic sport on a pro wrestling circuit. Next time when theres 57 seconds on the clock give the Quarterbacks folding chairs! It would be more believable.

  2. I don’t think the halftime show should have musicians who clearly aren’t actually singing. It’s fine if they want spectacle, but then they should just hire dancers. Musicians should actually be there performing their music instead of lip syncing and dancing.

    • I agree, Sir E. I don’t mind them lip syniching as much if they are out there fondling and fucking each other, but when they are trying to be all serious and sassy, they should not be faking the Voxs.

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