Treveri Cellars- Sparkling Wine

Just received some of these sparkling wines from Treveri Cellars out of Columbia Valley, Washington made by German born owner and winemaker. Juergen Grieb, who has a degree in both winemaking and sparkling winemaking, attending wine school in 1981 in Trier on the Mosel River and worked closely under the tutelage of Herr Ludwig Breiling and with owner Christoph Tyrell. Juergen moved to the United States to make wine for an early held Germany based winery in Mattawa, WA in 1983, and in 2009, after much thought, he decided to start his own sparkling winemaking facility given that Washington State had very very few sparkling producers (Ste. Michelle, Mountain Dome). November 23rd, 2010 opened “The Sparkle Tasting”.  Juergen’s style, which is delicate and handcrafted, shows off his personal interpretation with sparkling wines that are much more “fruit forward” (which reverts back to his formal training in Germany). All of Treveri Cellars bottles are crafted in the Methode’ Champenoise (individually bottle fermented) and almost all of them (except for the Rose’) are 100% varietal are made in all of the champagne sugar levels except for a “Doux” (i.e. dry to sweet….. Extra-Brut, Brut, Extra-Sec, Sec, Demi-Sec, Doux).  Here is my experience on three of the varieties.

Treveri Cellars Extra Brut:  Stellar Extra Brut with finely tuned flavors of peaches, pineapple accompanied by hint of refined spice.

Treveri Cellars Brut:   Nice zest of green apple and pear with a mild undertone of banana on the nose while offering crisp, clean floral notes starting in the front palate, venturing into the mid palate conjoined by a pleasant touch of dough and vanilla wafer. 

Trevari Riesling Demi Sec:  Fresh fragerance of mild freshly cut grass and green apples harmoniously imparted with a presence of mild flaky dough, superb frequency of sweetness and a graceful zip of pineapple followed by a delightful vanilla finish.    

These sparkling wines for between $16-$20 price point are excellent values and would make for wonderful Holiday Wines.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


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