Justin 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles

This wine offers a slight vegetal aroma acccompanied by musk and clove while offering balanced flavors of Bing cherry, bright tart raspberry, vanilla cream and cinnamon with smooth lingering tannin.  If this wine was priced between $15-$17,  i would have been alot more satisfied than the $25 dollar price point i paid for it.  Keep Drinking and Keep Believing.


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  1. Layden: Found your website via the Wine Forum on Craig’s List. Being a rather novice red wine enthusiast, I like your wine reviews, but perhaps you can add your opinion regarding the basic, standard 100 point rating system. I think that would be helpful to people like me. Also, your website does not seem to have a “Contact Me” link (or perhaps I did not see it).

    • Cheers Alan and thanks for the kind words. As far as a contact button here, i am uncertain if they have one, but i always reply to comments here. Please subscribe if you dig the vibe, Alan. Be Blessed, Layden.

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