Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

What an absolutely awesome time spending last week in Ventura and probably one of the highlights was having my dear friend Tiffiany taking me to Santa Barbara and visiting  the “Santa Barbara Shellfish Company” for lunch at the end of Sterns Wharf.

From the get go, I knew it was going to be a spectacular afternoon as Lady T and I were the first to enter Santa Barbara Shellfish Company’s  tiny but “Full of Life” space, being graced by “Led Zeppelin I”  pleasantly blaring and greated by Captain Diego; who is of Brazilian descent but talks like a Bostonian that lives to watch the Boston Red Sox and kick some wicked ass.

Such a positive energy Captain Diego exuded, making you smile from the  inside out as Captain D, sharing info about Santa Barbara Shellfish Company’s outstanding menu, his colorful Life and some of the local wines;  Nursing a frosty Anchor Steam at S.B.S.C’s Old School wooden bar, I decided to go with The New England Clam Chowder Sourdough bowl and Lady T the Crab legs.

Born and raised outside of Boston, I have to say that Santa Barbara Shellfish Company’s own special recipe New England Clam Chowder is some of the best chowder I have ever had and after a bite of  Lady T’s delectable Crab leg lunch laced with butter and a perfect amount of sweetness; it truly seals the deal that i am living a perfect moment and everyone that get’s to Santa Barbara, AKA Heaven on Earth,  must treat themselves and experience Santa Barbara Shellfish Company.

” We were here last night and are back again.”    Exclaims two patrons happily aimed Captain Diego’s way, as Lady T and I wave our farewell on our way out into the glorious day to explore things further.  Cheers

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  1. So how does it compare to the No Name in Boston?

    • Boston Clam Chowder is a little bit more hearty and traditional and this had its own thing going on. Still rich and great flavor, but their own recipe with Baly Leaves, Bacon and such. 🙂

  2. yummy …..that looks good 😉

    • Yeah, awesome place and new it was going to be bad ass when i walked in and they were cranking Zeppelin II. 🙂

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