Joni Mitchell’s “Court and Spark”

ABSOLUTELY MASTERFUL!    🙂     My Dear friend Michael ” Francois”  Kendercork  brought ” Court and Spark” along for the ride to pick up some tasty 2004 McLaren Shiraz, as we gave it full potential through the JBL speakers in my modern day Batmobile- Aka:  2001 Coal Black Toyota Solora.  What Masterful Production, Compositions and layer upon layer of uncontrived Artistic Integrity ” Court and Spark” lends with track after track of  vivid poetic verse that truly takes you to another place, inside another’s eyes  .   🙂    What an Awesome day and it’s safe to say that when 2 grown men crank Joni Mitchell together they are secure with their sexuality, whichever way that sexuality may swing!   🙂

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  1. You are soo right about Joni Mitchell’s artistry. Way back when in the Navy I think I almost caused a riot when playing “Court & Spark” endlessly into the ship while out at sea. That’ll teach the Navy to put ME in charge of ship’s entertainment! I so love this album and Joni has never let me down over the ensuing years. Thanks!

    • So appreciate the awesome reply, Gary! Absolutely blown away by Joni at this point. I hope you have a chance to peruse my Music and live the moment and believe. Cheers, Layden.

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