Wheel goes round and round

Had a great night Tuesday at a tucked away spot called “The Parlour” in Phoenix, AZ, kicking back, talking wine with one of the bar staff, and indulging within a 2000 Barolo that was one the best glasses of wine i have had since my first ” Cote Rotie” experience last month.  45 mintues later, in walks  a dear friend and we begin chatting about Life, the Future, Fucking and mental illness.    

The last several days; ( Actually the last several years)   I have felt like i have been in a rut and am I in the process of rellocating to try and CHANGE things for the best or worst; ( In STEPS FEAR)  That fucker of a feeling, deabilitating, first person psychological gibberish that breaks the human spirit along with all of its beautiful dreams.   

My dear friend and i begin to discuss visualization and how you become what you “See” .  A man prays to my right, loneliness to my left, and the words ” What if?”  resonate briefly through my twisted numb mind from an unknown source.   

An outrageous movie ” The other guys” with Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg while sipping some overly sweet Black Cherry Lambic, then a tad of sleep until the English Bulldog; ( Portly fucker he is)  enters the room at 5 AM.  FUCKING DOOMSDAY.    Well, at  least the beginning of a new day.       http://bit.ly/hk8WLh

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